The Powerful Nonprofit – Winter 2017


Welcome to The POWERFUL Nonprofit!

The power of nonprofits is unmistakable. We are everywhere, doing great work every day. It’s hard work and often under-appreciated. This blog was designed with your nonprofit in mind. It’s full of tips and tricks to ease your day and make your work more achievable. Dive in and see if you don’t agree. And if you have ideas for articles about your current challenges, please let us know. Enjoy!

With Change Comes Opportunity


Well, 2016 was an interesting year for the nonprofit sector and it ends with some insecurity about the future. Many of our clients have expressed fear and concern about what the new administration will mean to the critical programs our sector provides. Will some of our funding disappear? What will happen to already under-served communities? How can we rise to the challenges ahead with limited resources?

Maybe there’s an opportunity here that we haven’t yet realized. A quick view of any news source will tell you that people are now motivated to resist and fight. Your organization can capitalize on that sentiment right now by conducting a volunteer recruitment and/or fundraising push. People need something active to do that helps the causes they care about. What better time then now to ask people to step up: become a volunteers or increase their volunteer hours; start actively fundraising for their favorite charity; increase their donations to your nonprofits.

Make sure your nonprofit is listed with local volunteer centers and matching services, post your giving and volunteering opportunities in your newsletter and on your website, use social media to recruit volunteers and donors. Make sure your profiles are up to date on and Engage your donors and volunteers with real stories about what your services mean to the community and what the world will look like without your services. These are powerful motivators — use them aggressively!

Finally, if you are personally feeling fearful and isolated, commit to doing one act of community service every day: Sign a petition, reach out to someone who needs help, call your elected representatives, attend a rally or march, write a letter to your local paper, or just be kinder than usual to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, family and to total strangers. We all need a little extra support – now more than ever. Peace!

Great Quotes

“To be in a Community means working together to create a better community that responds to everyone’s needs. Regardless of age, background or past mistakes, we need to be able to accept and transcend differences; whether from a different region, we need to enable people to communicate openly and effectively to help improve their community. An uncommon sense of safety is necessary if we are to work together towards common goals, a feeling of trust and belonging to this community, and this is what we must fight for. The moment we stop fighting for the needs of our community, that’s the moment we lose the sense of community.”
George Stamatis

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