Since 2010 we have specialized in the formation, launch, growth, and sustainability of Villages. This groundbreaking world-wide movement is changing the way we age! 

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We are helping Villages to thrive through effective:

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New to the Village Movement?

The Village Movement is a national grassroots effort that helps us all age gracefully and comfortably in the security of our own homes and neighborhoods. It’s a cost effective alternative to assisted living and retirement housing that anyone can participate in. Villages are not made of bricks and mortar but rather are reciprocal communities where we all help one another as we age and need just a bit of help. They can keep you feeling secure in your own home despite not being able to do all the things you used to.

Each Village (there are 125 open already and another 150 in development) are independent membership non profits that are run by volunteers and sometime a very small staff. Members provide services for each other without asking anything in return (dog walking, changing light bulbs, providing companionship, rides to the doctor, etc).

The Village Movement is changing the way we age! Perhaps there’s one in your neighborhood already. Go the to see how to start a Village or join one that’s already open.