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Emerging Villages — Road Test Your First Staff Position:

Hiring your first staff person is a big step and of course you want to be sure your first hire matches the early needs of your Village. Consider road-testing the position with temporary help beforehand to help you work out the bugs and to solidify your operations before taking that first big step.

A bad hire is expensive and distracting! Human resource researchers site the following FIVE expenses that may be incurred with one bad hire:

– Interviewing costs: Your hiring committee or Board may spend up to 40 hours on a search process. A bad hire just keeps people from spending time on more productive activities like recruiting members and fundraising.

– Employment ad costs: You could spend several hundred dollars advertising your open position.

– Training costs: Some nonprofits spend hours on training which can translate into big bucks.

– Loss of productivity: Everyone else gets distracted by the drama of a bad hire, and someone needs to take up the slack that the empty position leaves.

– HR costs: Setting up the new employee’s position (health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, payroll, employer tax withholding, etc.) all takes time and uses your precious monetary resources.

When these factors are combined, nonprofits like yours can take a huge hit to their checkbook. But hiring a seasoned, temporary office professional will help ensure you’re ready to make a permanent hire. This move will give you some breathing room to accomplish some key start-up tasks and to more fully develop an accurate and practical job description that will allow your first hire to be a big success.

Focused, customized assistance before you make your first hire can be a powerful and cost-effective way to support your Village’s operations. Please feel to contact us if you are interested in scheduling a session that will help you hire the right first staff person. or 510-759-7279

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New Report Focuses on Village Sustainability

Sustaining the Village Movement: Lessons from Pioneers about Village Business Models and Sustainability” report.

Late in 2015 a new report was published on the pros and cons of the various Village business models that are prevalent in our movement. I am pleased to have been part of this research along with Capital Impact Partners’ Candace Baldwin and V to V Network’s former director Judy Willett. The report illuminates the critical infrastructure, operational functions, and governance structures that need to be in place to provide a strong foundation of long-term growth of the Village Movement. In it you will find a detailed description of the similarities and differences between the four major Village business models: grassroots, Parent Sponsored Village, Hub and Spoke, and Time Bank in terms of sustainability.

This report may help your Village determine which model is best for your community. Please contact us directly if you have questions about the study, its outcomes or how it might influence your Village’s long term decision-making.