Working directly with executive directors, the senior management team, volunteers, the Board of Directors, committees, and other stakeholders, we ensure your nonprofit’s mission has impact and you grow in healthy, controlled and strategic ways.

We offer services in:

Transition Management

Changes in your senior management can be disruptive and counterproductive. Our Transition Management services (Executive Search, Interim Management and Succession Planning) ensure that your projects keep moving forward, stakeholder relationships are preserved, and communication in and outside of your organization are seamless.

Marketing & Promotion

You know your programs are important to the population you serve and you want everyone to know about your impact and mission. Working together we help you clarify your audiences and craft the right messages delivered by the right means at the right time.

Fund Development

Obtaining the funds your need to do your work is always a challenge. We work with your stakeholders to develop diversified but stable funding streams from major donors, direct mail campaigns, social enterprise, fee for service, events, item sales, and more.


Good governance is central to your mission. Let us assist your entire organization with an effective governance structure that’s just right for your mission. Our services include retreat facilitation; learning to speak with one voice; committing to moral ownership of your mission; policy development; legal compliance; empowering relationships with management and staff; ensuring effective self-assessment; business plan development.

Executive Coaching

Your people are your greatest resource, but sometimes new and seasoned staff alike need assistance in coping with change and managing new duties or shifting expectations. We work one-on-one with senior management staff to improve communications, help set personal and professional goals and plan for the future growth of your organization.

The Village Movement

Since 2010 we have specialized in the formation, launch, growth, and sustainability of Villages. This groundbreaking world-wide movement is changing the way we age!

Human Resources Development

Your success hinges on having a winning staffing structure. We can assist you in identifying staffing inefficiencies, establishing effective recruitment techniques, and developing your staff’s potential.

Board Development

Your Board’s role in the success of your organization is crucial, and our Board development skills will ensure a winning Board structure. We work with you to identify needed skills that will sustain your operations into the future, train you to successfully recruit board members who are well qualified and ready to work, hold more productive meetings, clarify ever-shifting roles and responsibilities, and facilitate board self-assessments.


You can have the best programs around but if your operations cannot support their execution then your success may be compromised. We offer years of experience in policy and procedure development and writing, enhancing program efficiencies, and effective systems design and implementation (recordkeeping, dashboard, data collection).