Specializing in Non-Profit Organizational Development

You know that making the right strategic decisions will ensure the success of your nonprofit, and move you toward the fulfillment of your mission. But how do you know what the right decisions are? And with everything on your plate how will you get up to speed quickly on the crucial decisions facing your organization today? We specialize in assisting executive directors, senior management and board members of nonprofits of all types, sizes and locations.

Over Twenty Five Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience in building nonprofit capacity, we can help you reach your goals. You are used to doing everything yourself, of course, but working with a consultant at key times can cut away the clutter and help you focus on the best strategies for your organization. Sometimes an outsider’s view is just what you need to solve a thorny issue or just identify what the issue is!

We Help You Achieve Clarity, Direction and Results.